Dunbogan Caravan Park offers pet friendly living 

If you are looking to purchase a dwelling and move into Dunbogan Caravan Park you will need to note on your application that you have a pet, noting the type and breed.  We will then confirm whether we will accept the pet.

We will not accept a dog in the community that has been declared to be a ‘menacing’ or ‘dangerous’ dog, or it is a breed or cross breed of a ‘restricted’ dog, as defined in the Companion Animals Act 1998 (NSW).  Restricted dogs include the following breeds: american pit bull terrier (or pit bull terrier), Japanese tosa, dogo Argentino and fila Brasileiro.

Please note Community Rule 5 which sets out the rules that apply to pet owners in the community:

(a) No animals allowed without prior consent of management. Existing animals must not be replaced without prior consent of management.

(b) Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when on common areas.

(c) Cats must be kept inside after dark and must wear a collar with a bell at all times.

(d) Pets are not allowed in any building (other than in your home) or in any enclosed common area in the community, with the exception of a guide dog or hearing dog.

(e) You are responsible for your pet/s and must clean up after them immediately.

(f) All animals kept in the community must not create unreasonable noise or nuisance (e.g. excessive barking), attack or threaten people or other animals within the community, or cause damage to common areas or other residents’ property.

(g) If these rules are breached seriously or persistently we may request that the animal be removed from the community.

Please enquire with management if you have any questions.




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