Pet Friendly Accommodation in Dunbogan

Pet Friendly Caravan Park on the Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia

Dunbogan Caravan Park welcomes pets all year-round in the campground making it the perfect getaway for your whole family. Your pet can stay in your tent or caravan and cabins 10 and 11 are pet friendly.

There are many pet friendly activities in the area, including dog friendly beaches, allowing you to take them for long walks and adventures. Certain sections of Dunbogan and Grant’s beach are dog friendly and have leashed and unleashed sections. Please visit the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s website for their complete and up-to-date rules concerning dogs on beaches.

All park visitors staying with pets must abide by the park’s pet rules at all times.  Before booking we recommend you read the pet rules as these will apply to your stay. Management reserves the right to terminate your stay in the event of a failure to comply and there will be no refund.

Our Pet Rules

For the consideration of our residents and visitors, pet owners must agree to these rules prior to bringing their pet into the park:

  1. Please inform management at time of booking that you have a pet. We allow a maximum of two pets per site or cabin.
  2. Upon arrival at the park, acceptance of the pet will be at the manager’s discretion and the pet owner must agree to these pet rules before the pet will be allowed to stay in the park.
  3. The park does not accept ‘dangerous’ or ‘menacing’ dogs or breeds or cross breeds of dogs that are listed as a ‘restricted dog’ in the Companion Animals 1998 Act (NSW). You warrant that your dog is not a ‘dangerous’, ‘menacing’ or ‘restricted’ dog under that Act.
  4. You agree to accept full liability for any personal injury or damage caused by your pet (directly or indirectly) whilst in Dunbogan Caravan Park and you agree to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to your pet or pet’s activities and actions.
  5. Your dogs must be kept on a lead (up to 4m long) that is secured or held at all times and cats must be appropriately restrained so they cannot roam freely (this is to protect the significant ground-dwelling wildlife in the park). We reserve the right to terminate your stay immediately with no refund if you do not abide by this rule.
  6. Please be considerate of the actions of your pet when in the park.
  7. Droppings must be cleaned up immediately, tied up in a plastic bag, and placed in a bin. We provide bags for this purpose at conveniently located dispensers around the park.
  8. Noise must be kept to a minimum and pets must be kept quiet at night and early morning.
  9. Pets must not be left in the park unsupervised (tied up or otherwise).
  10. For health and safety reasons, no pets are allowed in the BBQ area, the swimming pool enclosure or enclosed common area, with the exception of a guide dog or hearing dog.
  11. Pets are allowed in cabins 10 and 11 only and on all powered sites. All other cabins are not pet friendly. A $20 cleaning fee applies for pet cabins. A $100 cleaning fee will apply if a pet is found in a non-pet cabin or where a cabin or site is left in an inappropriate condition.   Management reserves the right to terminate your stay with no refund if you fail to comply with these pet rules.

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