Community Rules


8.30am – 4.30pm daily, unless otherwise advised.  Please endeavour to do business during the week, as we may be tied up on week-ends with holiday makers.


5KM THROUGHOUT THE PARK.  Please drive  carefully, as there will often be pedestrians transiting around the park.  Use the correct roads, unless otherwise instructed. Please avoid driving on verges.  If you have children visiting, please supervise them if they are riding on scooters, bikes, etc. as the roads are a shared zone.  Helmets are compulsory.


To be paid two weeks in advance.  Please do not fall behind with rent or utilities payments, as we do not wish to chase


Meters will be read at the end of every month, then a statement will be put in your letterbox.  Payment can be made the next rent day or the 1st Monday of the month.


TV/Music and general noise to be kept  within the confines your own premises, and NOT to disturb or be heard by your neighbours.


Name, address, email address and phone no. of next of kin or contact person details to be supplied to office.


Residents cars/ boats must be parked within your site boundaries.  Do not drive over Neighbour’s lawn or gardens to enter your property.


All improvements or alterations to your site or relocatable are to be put in writing and forwarded to the office for approval by owners.


(a) You must not use decks, carports or common areas as storage space without our consent. Including, but not limited to, storing items such as paint tins, bottles, boxes, luggage, garden tools, electric equipment and furniture (other than specifically designed outdoor furniture).


(a) You must give management a notice of intention to offer your home for sale before offering it for sale.

(b) Under the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013 you are entitled to display a “for sale” sign in or on the home, but only if you first inform us of the intention to offer the home for sale.

(c) Any “for sale” sign displayed on the home must not exceed in size one metre by one metre and must include, in point size at least 12, the following words: “Any prospective purchaser must contact the operator before paying any monies for the purchase of this home. It is essential that you get a Disclosure Statement and have the operator’s approval to live in the community.”

11. PETS

(a) If you have installed or install solar panels we will not be liable to compensate you for any electricity that the solar panels feed back into our grid.

(b) We may disconnect the solar panels from our infrastructure if we are of the view that your solar panels are contributing to a deterioration of our infrastructure or are placing an unacceptable load on our infrastructure. We must give you at least 7 days’ notice of our intention to disconnect. The disconnection cost will be at your cost unless we agree to pay for it.


(a) Within the meaning of the Civil Liability Act 2002 you are warned that you and other person who engage in any recreational activity in the community, that the pursuit of such activities may result in harm or person injury.  All persons who engage in a recreational activity do so at their own risk.


RECYCLE RUBBISH  will be collected Mondays

and Thursdays.  GENERAL WASTE on Thursdays only. Rubbish must be placed in plastic garbage     bags and placed in garbage bins.  Resident’s bins must be cleaned on a regular basis, as maggot infested bins will not be emptied until the problem is resolved.  GREEN WASTE should be disposed of separately from general waste, in one garbage bag per week, put out alongside general waste on a Thursday.  Disposal of larger amounts of green waste from resident’s site is their own responsibility.


Must report to the office prior to visiting a site.


Clothes lines are near amenities for use.  Please do not hang clothes on open verandahs or rails, as it makes the Park appear untidy.

16. MAIL

Mail boxes are provided for Residents near office.  Any lost keys or damaged locks are to be replaced or repaired by the Resident.  Parcels are delivered to the office and a note will be placed in the letterbox to notify Resident.


Please let office know what sort of car your visitor is driving.

Visitors can park on your site if there is room and doing so  will not obstruct roadway and entrance to neighbours.  Otherwise, there is a visitors car park at the entrance to the park. You are responsible for your visitors behaviour at all times.


After using facilities please be sure to leave them clean and tidy.  NO SMOKING and NO PETS in or within close proximity of these areas at any time.  DO NOT drop cigarette butts in public areas.  Resident’s family and friends may use the pool during off peak season, however the resident must attend the office beforehand, so that we are aware of who we have in the Park.


Park amenities are only to be used in the event of a break-down in your permanent homes, with prior approval from office.


For Sale signs must be displayed on your home, not on the lawn.


All Park residents are to keep their home, associated  structures, gardens, driveways and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition at all times.  Any resident failing to do so will receive a letter of notification from Park management, giving one month’s notice to achieve the required standard.  Failure to respond to the request will result  in the fault being rectified by properly certified contractors and the associated charges being presented to the tenant for payment.


By obeying Park Rules, keeping your site, gardens, lawns and home in a clean and tidy condition, shows respect for your Neighbours and the efforts of the Park owners.  This way we can keep our beautiful park as the peaceful and harmonious place to live that it has always been.


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